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About the film Quigley Down Under

  Released in 1990, the film enjoys constant playback on many cable channels. The reason for this is clear: the film "covers a lot of ground", literally. From being dumped into the desert for a certain death, to putting a fragile woman in fatal danger, and helping those who are being persecuted, we finally have a hero who actually thinks. He thinks about the future, and he already knows how things will end up. The look that Tom Selleck is made to have in the film is excellent. The thick mustache coupled with the small goatee, brings images of a swashbuckler... and Matthew Quigley is a swashbuckler. But the cry towards human equality pervades, as is evidenced by Quigley's dinnertime statement, "God made all men equal, and Sam Colt made sure".

  Even though the film is classified as a "Western", it is set entirely in Australia - the irony continues. Irony swells in Quigley's claim to pistols; "I never had much use for one", and yet is the champion of that weapon, as well. Tom Selleck, Alan Rickman and Laura San Giacomo take the character development that is manifested in Marsden's henchmen, above and to the place of a "movie classic".

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Below is a video montage from the film.


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